Wednesday, October 21, 2009

recession proof beauty

Recession Proof Beauty…

I might sound like a crazy lady, but this a new value idea. Are you a woman who loves a great buy, maybe a beauty set. Ok. This is my favorite idea to buy and make a few bucks. Whenever you get the “gifts with purchase” or “bonus with purchase” ; keep them sealed and consider reselling on ebay and/or craiglist. Now you have your favorite beauty pics but can get a little kick-back too!!!!

I might sound like a broken record….

I realize that I plug on-line beauty deals, this one rocks!!! Sephora has a trio of Smashbox’s “O” products. Great!!!! For 48 bucks you can get lip plumper, lip gloss, and cheek tint. All great products, a little bit goes a long way with all products. Well worth the price! Not to mention that right now if you are a “beauty insider” with Sephora you will get five samples instead of three. Doesn’t look good in black and white, great opportunity to try out new goodies!!!

If you are in for a bit of a “clearance splurge”; check out, you might not always find just what you want but when you do the savings are worth it!