Monday, January 4, 2010

beauty resolutions

New Year's Resolution's have never really worked out well for me, basically I am a quitter.  This year I am not going to call it a resolution, more of a goal.  First, I need to get back into giving myself a weekly facial.  My favorites are Clinique turnaround, Bliss triple action energy mask, and Lumene Vitamin C mask.  As long as I do the mask on a schedule I think I can keep it on track.  The next thing is along the same lines, hair masks.  In the remaining winter I need to stick to moisture masks such as Graham Webb and Pureology are great for colored hair.  The summer months call for more repairative, more humidity means more styling, so I like Garnier Nutriste and Redken for as well.  Wish me luck! What are your beauty resolutions?