Thursday, December 3, 2009

*****Christmas glow*****

I feel like the holiday season is an oxymoron for the world of bearing skin. During the spring and summer it is expected that we all look glowing, healthy, and well tan (real or fake). We show skin that time of year, who wants to wear tanks, sundresses, and shorts glowing like casper? Not me. Here is the dilemna: inevitably we all find that fabulous holiday outfit that shows arms and/or shoulders, What to do? Self tanners are going to make your face look like the white star on top of the tree and too much of any color makes you look REALLY fake. One of my favorite solutions is the Jergens natural glow lotions. They are great because you control the color and adjust your face make-up accordingly. If you have several parties in a row indulge in a spray tan so that you do not have stress about one more thing during the holidays. Party on!
You can find Jergens lotions at drugstores and grocery stores everywhere!