Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome back to Melrose Place!

When I heard that the God's all things television were bringing Melrose place back into my life, I thought, "Please don't be jerking my chain. I miss my those apartment fights and parties, break-ups and make-ups, and back stabbing." My prayers were answered and the show is BACK!!! Along with the new hot young things running around, we are treated to Jane, Sidney, Dr. Mancini and Amanda. The only thing better would be having Kimberely return, except that Marcia Cross is a bit busy on Wisteria Lane. I drag you down memory lane with me with a purpose, I promise. In this weeks People the Beauty Watch has old and new castmates and some of their favorite beauty goodies. Katie Cassindy is a fan of Benefit "erase paste", as am I. Heather Locklear loves Nars eyeshadows, of course she does, they are amazing. Jessica Lucas sings the praises of Essie nail polish, and Stephanie Jacobsen Oleo-Relax. All of these products are great! Wonderful job ladies, See you around the building!
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