Monday, November 30, 2009

Shop, Shop, Shop!!!

Cyber Monday rules! I will not waste too much time for all of your bargain hunting. has 40% plus a great GWP. is full of specials and they still have a great GWP, keep it for yourself! Please send me your suggestions for more shopping deals!!!

Spending = stopping the recession!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I don't even know where to start....

The newspaper must have weighed about five pounds this morning. Ads, ads, ads!!! I know that keeping your budget in line is challenging this time of year. My favorite ads were the drug stores. If you are a proud, card-carrying member of your local drug store I have good news. Locally, I am plugging Walgreens and CVS. Not only are a lot of things on sale, but most of them also have "rewards". I was excited to see that quite a few products equal the rewards with the price. It's like shopping for free! My point is this, so you spend a bit in the next few days but you can keep your savings for those drug store emergencies that we all have. Last minute milk, eggs, batteries, mascara, blah blah blah. Good luck on Black Friday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping is here!!!

Check out Bath and Body Works website. The clearance section is great, DuWop, Jack Black, cashmere goodies,AHAVA (LOVE!!!), and wait for it.... PHYTO. Yes, you read correctly, PHYTO products on clearance. The whole site is full of great deals. But also keep and eye out for the semi-annual clearance sale, scrub-a dub-dub!!!
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Friday, November 20, 2009

InStyle December Issue, The Holidays are HERE!!!

I was so excited when I saw the beautiful face of Ms. Taylor Swift on the half inch think issue of InStyle December 2009. I don't even think I got a dozen pages in when I realized I had some issues/opinions. The opening advertisement is from...The Gap. Always innovative in their adveritsing, color, dancing, and cultural diversity never fail to catch my eye. As much as I resisted, plaid is back. Because I was a teen in the nineties plaid represents sullen and angst ridden youth, music unappreciated by parents and refusal for make-up products - YIKES!!!! Thankfully plaid has returned in a much more "cute" fashion. The face on ladies has a healthy glow, pretty naturally accented eyes, and smiles with just a hint of color complimenting skin tones. The good news, just continue using your standard products from throughout the year. The better news, with saving money on using the stash you already have you can splurge a bit on festive party beauty treats! A few more pages into InStyle Bobbi Brown has an ad via Nordstrom. The holiday collection (much of it titled "chrome") is, in true Bobbi fashion, realistically wearable and gorgeous. The shimmering tones can be worn all year for special occasions and come in great kits for wearing alone or layering. Bobbi also delivers great lip sets, glosses, stains, and palettes which offer some new trendier shades along with the great neutrals Mrs. Brown is known for. Thank you InStyle for making the first ten pages so fun, more to come as I keep reading. I promise no update every ten pages!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hotel bath and body treats have come a long way...

One of my favorite pastimes is checking out the sample shampoos, soaps, and such. My favorite hotels are those that carry Bath and Body works, Aveda, and Neutrogena. The loot from B&BW and Aveda are awesome because being a hotel can feel less than warm and snuggly. A great scent in a hot bath is a great way to unwind. What hotel chains do you feel have the best beauty goodies?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome back to Melrose Place!

When I heard that the God's all things television were bringing Melrose place back into my life, I thought, "Please don't be jerking my chain. I miss my those apartment fights and parties, break-ups and make-ups, and back stabbing." My prayers were answered and the show is BACK!!! Along with the new hot young things running around, we are treated to Jane, Sidney, Dr. Mancini and Amanda. The only thing better would be having Kimberely return, except that Marcia Cross is a bit busy on Wisteria Lane. I drag you down memory lane with me with a purpose, I promise. In this weeks People the Beauty Watch has old and new castmates and some of their favorite beauty goodies. Katie Cassindy is a fan of Benefit "erase paste", as am I. Heather Locklear loves Nars eyeshadows, of course she does, they are amazing. Jessica Lucas sings the praises of Essie nail polish, and Stephanie Jacobsen Oleo-Relax. All of these products are great! Wonderful job ladies, See you around the building!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fragrance find

When you want to give a fragrance gift, or find a new one for yourself, check with the go to - Sephora. They have a great variety for guys and gals of mini fragrances and also gives a gift card a full size bottle from the selection. GREAT IDEA!! You can choose from classic scents and newer scents. They have the same selections for the boys as well. Happy shopping!!!

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