Thursday, January 28, 2010

What goes in must come out, so, the greasy food IS bad.

The other day on Oprah I saw a show about the food we put into our bodies and how that comes out.  Alicia Silverstone did a big testimonial about her vast improvements once she went vegan.  Although I do agree with the author she had on, Michael Pallon, all the synthetics, hormones, and additives being vegan seems a bit extreme.  I have to hand it to Alicia, she has never looked better.  But will I be singing the praises of kale and broccoli-rob as if it is a stack of Pringles?  No.  I do concede a bit more green and a little less white in my diet is a good idea, just don't think it will change my cosmetic purchase budget!

Friday, January 22, 2010

There is a new game in town!

Perhaps they are not new, but they are new to me and are advertising A LOT!, I saw there ad in a few mags and had to check them out.  What a great site!  They have old favorites such as Tarte, Stila, Lorac, Sue Devitt, Paul and Joe, Too Faced, etc. Also, they offer some brands I have not seen too much of,  Nvey Eco, Beauty Blender, and GoMinerals.  Dermstore also has a huge selection of hair and skin products, many of which are not available at some of the other major retailers we are used to.  My personal favorite part of the site is the Gift With Purchase section. It is four pages long!  The gifts are also a lot of full size products, which makes it feel like an even bigger bargain.  Maybe everyone else has seen this great site, but I feel like its Christmas morning!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Loreal True Match Roller Foundation

I am intrigued by a new product that I saw in InStyle.  Loreal has a new foundation that has a "roller" for its applicator.  This seems like a great idea in theory, painting with a roller gives a smoother finish so I suppose that "paint" for your face (foundation) would benefit from that application as well.  I do have a few concerns though, mainly germs.  The applicators that are reusable and stay in the packaging seem like they would be a breeding ground for more germs than necessary.  I have the same concerns about the foundations with the brush and pads that are not replaced.  Does anyone else have these concerns, or had any problems with products similar to these?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty, pretty Christina

For over a decade the transformations of Christina Aguilera have been headlines in the world of beauty.  She has sung and danced her way from cute teen, to "XTina", to Preggers, you get the idea.  She is this months covergirl for Marie Claire.  I think she looks radiant!  She still has that flawless porcelain skin. Jealous!  Her eye make-up is stunning, a grey smokey eye that is not too threatening.  As a fair skinned person myself I struggle with the smokey eye, I generally look like a racoon or a member of Fight Club.  She also has a frosty lip, not like your old aunts frosty lip, just pretty.  Another trend that comes and goes.  I generally like to see it go, but maybe I will give it another go.  The products are not listed individually but are all from Sally Hansen Natural Beauty, Inspired by Carmindy.  Check your local drug store (CVS, WalGreens, RiteAid, Duane Reid) or large retailer (Target, WalMart) for all the goodies.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Full Face Make-up is BACK!!!

Everywhere you look actresses and socialites are getting all dolled up with full faced make-up.  I am not sure if its the holiday party season or the start of awards season but red lips and bold eyes are back!  This really shouldnt be much of a surprise, the past few fashion seasons have been full of eighties inspired shapes and looks that the make-up of the decade was sure to follow.  InStyle has a great condensed rundown of products for skin tones and nails.  They have a great tip, stick with a bronzer or highlighter instead of blush because bold lips and eyes will be enough. Because this is a trend I would stick with budget minded brands.  Target is infamous for having the upscales brands with a smaller and better priced line; for example, Sonia Kashuk, Jemma Kidd, Napoleon Perdis, and Pixi.  Available at Target in store and on-line.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold Advice!!!

Ok, I live in florida, Northwest Florida(otherwise known as Alabama) most people think its like South Florida always cold. Wrong! We have a snow watch for the next two days. I need some tips for REALLY cold weather skin. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 4, 2010

beauty resolutions

New Year's Resolution's have never really worked out well for me, basically I am a quitter.  This year I am not going to call it a resolution, more of a goal.  First, I need to get back into giving myself a weekly facial.  My favorites are Clinique turnaround, Bliss triple action energy mask, and Lumene Vitamin C mask.  As long as I do the mask on a schedule I think I can keep it on track.  The next thing is along the same lines, hair masks.  In the remaining winter I need to stick to moisture masks such as Graham Webb and Pureology are great for colored hair.  The summer months call for more repairative, more humidity means more styling, so I like Garnier Nutriste and Redken for as well.  Wish me luck! What are your beauty resolutions?