Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty, pretty Christina

For over a decade the transformations of Christina Aguilera have been headlines in the world of beauty.  She has sung and danced her way from cute teen, to "XTina", to Preggers, you get the idea.  She is this months covergirl for Marie Claire.  I think she looks radiant!  She still has that flawless porcelain skin. Jealous!  Her eye make-up is stunning, a grey smokey eye that is not too threatening.  As a fair skinned person myself I struggle with the smokey eye, I generally look like a racoon or a member of Fight Club.  She also has a frosty lip, not like your old aunts frosty lip, just pretty.  Another trend that comes and goes.  I generally like to see it go, but maybe I will give it another go.  The products are not listed individually but are all from Sally Hansen Natural Beauty, Inspired by Carmindy.  Check your local drug store (CVS, WalGreens, RiteAid, Duane Reid) or large retailer (Target, WalMart) for all the goodies.

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