Friday, November 20, 2009

InStyle December Issue, The Holidays are HERE!!!

I was so excited when I saw the beautiful face of Ms. Taylor Swift on the half inch think issue of InStyle December 2009. I don't even think I got a dozen pages in when I realized I had some issues/opinions. The opening advertisement is from...The Gap. Always innovative in their adveritsing, color, dancing, and cultural diversity never fail to catch my eye. As much as I resisted, plaid is back. Because I was a teen in the nineties plaid represents sullen and angst ridden youth, music unappreciated by parents and refusal for make-up products - YIKES!!!! Thankfully plaid has returned in a much more "cute" fashion. The face on ladies has a healthy glow, pretty naturally accented eyes, and smiles with just a hint of color complimenting skin tones. The good news, just continue using your standard products from throughout the year. The better news, with saving money on using the stash you already have you can splurge a bit on festive party beauty treats! A few more pages into InStyle Bobbi Brown has an ad via Nordstrom. The holiday collection (much of it titled "chrome") is, in true Bobbi fashion, realistically wearable and gorgeous. The shimmering tones can be worn all year for special occasions and come in great kits for wearing alone or layering. Bobbi also delivers great lip sets, glosses, stains, and palettes which offer some new trendier shades along with the great neutrals Mrs. Brown is known for. Thank you InStyle for making the first ten pages so fun, more to come as I keep reading. I promise no update every ten pages!
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